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ATX - Supply

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Dez. 2013

This Projects provides a simple powersupply, based on a stock ATX-Powersupply. Main feature is the possibility to us a Stock-Power-supply without any modifications. An other advantage is, that you can get much more power of an ATX than of a Lab-Supply.

I designed a PCB with a 24-pin ATX-Jack and Connectors for 12V-Line and the 4Pin-molex connector. The thought behind this is, that the Power-supplies often provide multiple 12V-Lines on these connectors.

The housing is made of old material lying around. The supply is attached with an old rear side of a PC-case.

The PCB provides soldering-connectors for 2x 12V, 5V, 3V an an On/Off-Switch.

Download Layouts

Board Layouts on Desk Complete Front Side Front


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